Shipping Services for Film and Commercial Production
Shooting on location can mean shipping a small town's worth of equipment and material, often across international borders. Rock-It Cargo's® expertise in air charter, freight forwarding, Carnets and logistics has helped many in this industry meet their production deadlines.
Delivering a full suite of logistical services, Rock-It Cargo can provide everything you need to get your gear from here to there for film or video production:
  • Logistics Planning - estimating the most time effective and cost efficient routing of props, catering, equipment and dailies.
  • Freight Forwarding - arranging and tracking each cargo move whether by air, sea or land so you can be sure your valuable equipment will be handled with expert care at every stage.
  • Customs Clearance - internal processing of all documentation needed for temporary or permanent import or export of goods.
  • ATA Carnet - Rock-It Cargo is the only freight forwarder licensed by US authorities to issue Carnets.
  • Air Charter - our AirWorks Division can arrange for the transport of your people as well as your freight.

  • Insurance - we offer protections that go way beyond standard corporate or cargo insurance policies so that your cargo is protected against every possible risk.
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